Women’s Xchange Breaks New Ground



As Women’s College Hospital breaks literal ground with the construction of our hospital of the future, Women’s College Research Institute is breaking ground with the creation of Women’s Xchange.

Based at Women’s College Hospital and funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Women’s Xchange is advancing the latest knowledge about the health of women to care providers, scientists, policy-makers and community leaders.

“Women’s Xchange started with an idea to do what we do best, but to think bigger and work even more broadly in collaboration with our greater community,” says Dr. Paula Rochon, Vice-President, Research. “Our goal is to improve the health and well-being of all women in Ontario and beyond by promoting the development of women’s health research across the province.”


It’s time for physicians to stop assuming that arthritis pain is just a normal part of aging, because this attitude puts patients’ health at risk. Quotation_Right_Blue

It’s important that scientists and research institutes engage diverse stakeholders and communities, to ensure their needs are addressed and met by the research being done.

“With Women’s Xchange, Women’s College Hospital will build on our commitment to extend our reach to communities of women,” says Heather McPherson, Vice-President, Patient Care and Ambulatory Innovation. “It will enable us to pinpoint where gaps in care exist across the province, and to develop strategies to address those gaps.”

Delivering personalized, outpatient-based care, Women’s College Hospital houses expertise in co-occurring health issues that uniquely affect women.
Women’s Xchange aims to facilitate the development of this expertise, to ensure it affects women throughout Ontario.

“Women’s Xchange will grow Ontario’s momentum in women’s health research, and this increased capacity will advance health and health systems for all Ontarians,” says Rochon.

Visit the Women’s Xchange website for more information.

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