Message from the CEO and VP Research

Marilyn Emery   Paula Rochon

By changing how we think about the way healthcare is studied and delivered, Women’s College Research Institute is improving health for all.

Marilyn Emery, CEO, Women’s College Hospital (left)
Dr. Paula Rochon, Vice-President, Research, Women’s Research Institute (right)

We not only focus on improving the health of women, delivering health system solutions and helping people manage their complex chronic conditions, but through our research we also change how scientists, healthcare professionals and policy-makers think about healthcare and health research.

And we do it through the power of many.

Our scientists leverage international collaborations as well as leading community-engaged research. We leverage diverse and far-reaching collaborations, share our knowledge with those who need it most, and do rigorous scientific research in a uniquely supportive environment. By integrating our research within our outpatient clinics and beyond, we develop solutions that transform how patients are cared for and how care is delivered. The result is better health outcomes and higher patient satisfaction.

Together with our many collaborators, community partners and forward-thinking funders, we sustain our high productivity, strong underpinning of support, and powerful impact. Through the power of many, the work of our researchers has already changed thinking about numerous healthcare issues – about specific diseases and conditions, about how better healthcare can be delivered, and about how to cultivate today’s research teams and tomorrow’s academic leaders. For us, our achievements in health research are not an ending point, but a launching point for our next breakthroughs.

In WCRI’s 2012-13 Impact + Innovation report, we share just a few stories about the diverse ways we harness the power of many to deliver big change, in Canada and around the world. This is how we are changing thinking. This is the future of healthcare.