A Message from Sue Carruthers and Women’s College Hospital Foundation

Sue Carruthers

Once in a lifetime, a great vision brings people together to make a transformative difference. At Women’s College Hospital we’re united by this vision to deliver the future of healthcare, today.

Since the reconstitution of Women’s College Hospital Foundation in 2006, we have provided $7.1 million to Women’s College Research Institute including:

  • $5.8 million ($1.3 million in this year) supported the academic work and research of our various endowed chairs including the Shirley Brown Chair in Mental Health Research, CBCF Chair in Breast Cancer Research, Atkinson Chair in Women’s Health and the Phelan Scientist in Dermatology
  • $750,000 funded student academic awards
  • $600,000 supported Steven Narod’s world-renowned research in breast and ovarian cancer genetics

In addition, we have established two $3-million endowed chairs with the University of Toronto: the Frigon Blau Chair in Family Medicine Research and the F.M. Hill Chair in Health System Solutions. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, a third endowed chair will be created in the near future.

The exceptional research and academic work of Women’s College Research Institute excites and inspires people to invest in the future of healthcare.


We are proud to partner with Women’s College Research Institute. Its innovative work continues to advance women’s health and enhance ambulatory care on a global scale.Quotation_Right_59